Keeping Pizza Warm In The Oven

3 Ways To Keep Your Pizza Warm in the Oven

You just ordered pizza. The guests are on their way but will probably arrive after the pizza does. Of course, pizza is always best when it's piping hot and crispy, rather than warm and soggy. So what can you do to make sure your pizza stays warm? Here are a few techniques on how you can keep your pizza warm in the oven!

Keep the pizza in its cardboard delivery box.

As soon as you place your pizza order, turn on your oven to whatever its lowest temperature is. Some vary, but most ovens have a minimum temperature of one hundred seventy degrees Fahrenheit. When the pizza Box of pizzaarrives or when you’ve returned from your journey to pick it up, turn off your oven and put the entire box in. This will, essentially, essentially turn the pizza box into an oven-like climate will hold the heat in its fibers, keeping the pizza free from moisture, thereby preventing sogginess. If your worried about the cardboard catching fire, no worries! Cardboard and paper won't catch fire until about 427 degrees F. So make sure to keep your oven below 300 degrees F. The box will also act as a second layer of insulating warmth when inside of the oven. The oven will remain very warm for about a half hour and, in turn, the box will help hold that heat when the oven begins to cool down. This is a well tested and much-approved method which has served to keep many pizzas warm over the years.

Use a pizza stone.

If you are lucky enough to have a pizza stone amongst your kitchen appliances and cookware, then you have a perfect way to keep your pizza warm in the oven. When Pizza stone on oven rackyou know that you are going to order pizza, place the pizza stone into the oven and turn the temperature to about two hundred degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes. The key here is making sure that the stone is hot enough to retain and radiate heat that the pizza will need to remain hot and crisp. Once the pizza arrives, open one of the pizza boxes and put it on the hot pizza stone. Put it back in the oven and turn off the temperature. The stone, due to its porous consistency, will hold and give off heat, providing the warmth the pizza will need to keep it tasting fresh and delicious.

Place Pizza Directly On Oven Rack.

If you think that putting cardboard into a rather hot oven is a dangerous idea, you can also take the pizza out of the box and put it directly on the oven rack. Again, preheat the temperature to whatever the lowest setting is on your oven. Remove the whole pizza from the box and slide it into the oven on the rack. Some people prefer this method, as they feel that the heat has more of an opportunity to surround the pizza, both from the top and the bottom, and keep it warm and fresh.

Whichever method you choose, be sure to do whatever you can to keep your pizza warm in the oven. After all, even though many of us love to eat cold pizza in the morning, (or anytime, really) everyone knows that the best kind of pizza is steaming hot, cheesy pizza. Not only does it taste great, but it’s the way pizza was intended to be eaten. Molto gusto!

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