Best Pizza Delivery Bags

The Best Pizza Delivery Bags

It's Friday night and you're in the hang at the house kind of mood. There's a pretty good amount of people over so you decide to order pizzas. In about 20 minutes, the pizza gets to your home fresh and hot. It tastes amazing too! A lot goes into making a pizza taste just right, and we don't really pay attention to what happens to our pizza behind the scenes. What may seem like a simple process actually has a lot going on. In fact, one of the most important aspects of this whole processes is the pizza delivery bag. Keeping food warm for the customer is very important, and having the proper tools to make catering food simple, fast, and reliable means better profit margin for the restaurant owners, and happy customers!

In order to ensure premium quality, shop owners may want to beef up their delivery bags in order to make sure each pizza leaves the shop as fresh as can be. It is all in the right material for your specific needs. The insulation system has to be able to keep your food hot, and the right consistency (not to dry or damp).

Delivery bags have multiple uses and not in just the ways we picture them. Keeping beverages cold is also a great function of delivery bags and they are naturally versatile. These food carrying caddies are a perfect way to transport hot food from prepping locations to dining.

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Nylon vs Vinyl

You can't get anything better than nylon and vinyl to keep out bad weather and keep in freshly made pizza! Since both are water resistant, both are just about equal in specifications. At this point, what you'll end up deciding on will ultimately come down to the features, pros, and cons of each fabric.


  • More expensive than vinyl.
  • Breathable material makes up for the cost being that it allows for steam to escape while keeping the heat in, minimizing any food damage from moisture.


  • Breathability is very slight which is not good for long distance drives especially when fresh out of the oven. The moisture gets locked in making the food unpleasant. Not a great choice for long deliveries but is perfect for short delivery ranges.

Top 7 Pizza Delivery Bags

With so many pros and cons of each delivery bag, all features should be considered in order to make the best choice. Investing in the best delivery bag can be just as important as the pizza itself. So here are the top 7 choices in no particular order. Giving you the basic knowledge for a major key in your profits.

Designed to carry pizzas ranging from 14'' to 24'' width. These available sizes can accommodate one or more stacked boxes. Height of bag is directly proportional to number of box bag this bag can hold. Higher bags offer more space for stacking boxes, lower heights for 1 to 2 boxes at once.

#1 New Star 50134 Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

#1 Pizza Delivery Bag
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  • 20 by 19 by 13.2-inch
  • Formed with the aluminum coil insulation to keep the heat steady. Great for place who have longer traveling distances to reach the order.
  • Features the zipper fasteners.
  • Shoulder carrying is a breeze with the longer straps.
  • Ticket window is located along one of the sides.
  • Ability to fit 6 18" pizzas.

#2 New Star 50097 Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

#2 Pizza Delivery Bag

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  • 20 by 20 by 5-inch
  • Made with the aluminum coil insulation for maximum holding of temperature inside the delivery bag.
  • The closures are the hook and loop system or Velcro fasteners.
  • Regular size window ticket holder on the flap.
  • Ability to carry 2 18'' pizzas.

#3 Polyester Insulated Pizza / Food Delivery Bag

#3 Pizza Delivery Bag

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  • 15 by 15 by 8-inch
  • This food carrying bag is made up of the polyester (moisture resistant) for both the outside and inside.
  • Used the velcro fastening system (hook and loop) for the tight closing.
  • The rugged handles are located on either side of the bag
  • A large clear ticket window is on the top of the flap.
  • 2 colors are available, red and black.
  • Can carry 2 12'' pizzas or 2 14'' pizzas at one time.

#4 Winco BGPZ-20 Pizza Bag

#4 Pizza Delivery Bag

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  • 20-inch by 20-inch by 5-inch
  • Dynamics of the insulation keeps the food hotter for longer.
  • The bags are made to be a trusted tool and very reliable as well.
  • Considering the different type of products WinCo offers, they are for home or professional uses.
  • The products of WinCo are used in food service industries and the hospitality industry worldwide.
  • Priding on the good quality of their products.
  • In Business for over 20 years of food industry creating products to meet the high expectations of a successful business.

#5 Update International Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

#5 Pizza Delivery Bag

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  • 20'' by 20'' insulated delivery bag.
  • The hook and loop fastening system (Velcro flap) is in use.
  • The clear window for holding tickets is put in place on the top of the flap.
  • The makeup of this bag helps maintain the temperature and minimizes moisture.
  • Ability to carry 2 16-inch pies.

#6 Black Polyester Insulated Pizza / Food Delivery Bag

#6 Pizza Delivery Bag

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  • The highly functional polyester material used in both the outer liner and inside lining.The material being moisture free.
  • Handles are places in the side locations with the added locking feature other locking the straps together for an easy one hand carrying.
  • Velcro fastening system (Hook and Loop).
  • Large clear window is on the top of the flap, making orders easy to visibly see.
  • Can carry either 2 16'' or 2 18''

#7 Polar Tech 810 RED Nylon Fabric Jumbo Thermo Insulated Pizza Carrier

#7 Pizza Delivery Bag

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  • Having the polyurethane insulation, this bag is able to keep the temperatures consistent.
  • Utilizing the hook and loop system for a complete seal.
  • The large window is located on the flap, which offered plenty of room for order receipts, menus, etc.
  • Has a very large capacity to hold 3 18'' pies or 4 16'' pies.

Cleaning Your Pizza Bag

Wiping off an insulated pizza bag is very easy to do with both nylon and vinyl materials, inside and out. If you have a dishwasher, you can even use that to clean your pizza bag. Busy nights like a Friday football night, or a Saturday evening full of sporting events can give the catering bags a lot of use. Being able to place them in a dishwasher for a thorough cleaning. This will definitely help to keep the material in better condition.

Delivery Bag Closures

Since the main job for these delivery bags is to transport food and beverages from one location to another, the choice of a good inner closures allows you to decide which one works best for your needs.

The Hook and Loop

This doesn't exactly look the way it sounds, but the closure is best for the inner body temperature. The Hook and Loop sounds more like the workings of Velcro. The hook is the rough side, while the loop is the softer opposite side. When you connect the two, it makes a physical seal creating a solid closing.

The Zipper

Designed to have two rows of protruding teeth and a Y shape slider. The zipper closure allows the user to pull the teeth together or apart depending on what is being carried. This helps keep the weather elements out and the heat inside.

The Side Release Buckle

Easy to use one handed, the side release buckle closure is handy. Being able to hold the bag with one hand, while opening by squeezing the ends together at the clasp, pulling to release and gathering the food with the other.

Foam Insulation

Without the foam to insulate the food carrying bag, its only purpose would be for the large space and movement of food. There would be and nothing to keep in the temperature. Foam features are necessary elements needed to keep foods hot and fresh. The foam insulation helps to do this with a layer between the inner lining of the bag to the outer layer of material. It's usually found 1-2 inches from the core.

There are two forms of insulation used, the closed cell and the open cells. The difference being that one is primarily used for the pizza delivery bags.

The closed cell is a better insulator but due to the down sides, it is rarely used in a delivery bag.

  • More expensive foam.
  • This foam is heavier.
  • Not very maneuverable when empty.

Open cell is definitely a more feasible way to go.

  • Being less expensive is a major feature.
  • Lighter in weight helps when bag is in use.
  • Due to the makeup of this cell, open cells give a more soft and maneuverable texture to compress and put away.

Foam insulation Types

Having three main types of foam insulation to ensure the temperatures stay consistent provides benefit in many ways. Since we are talking food, it makes sense to utilize the best type of bag by the foam types.

PVC (semi-open cell)

  • A cost saving material, PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), lacking durable is not an issue.
  • Comes in either soft or hard forms. Soft being the form of choice for delivery bags due to the fact that it's more flexible and is better suited to hold food containers in place.
  • Grease and oil resistant makes this insulation the best fit for a fast running food establishment.

PU (open cell)

  • Due to being PVC free, Polyurethane (PU) is versatile, strong and adaptable.
  • Light weight which is a very good quality especially when it comes to catering food.
  • Breathable because of the open cell design. Mildew resistant, orders aren't trapped inside.

POLYESTER (open cell)

  • Very lightweight like its sibling PU
  • Better cut resistance gives polyester a nice bonus.
  • Polyester is priced the highest, not very good for a growing company where multiple delivery bags will be utilized.

Additional insulated food delivery bag features:

  • Heavy stitching

Having heavy stitching for these bags is a perfect dynamic for keeping everything together. Helps to guard against rips or tears from happening.

  • Id windows

Most food carrier are fitted with a clear ID window on usually the top or on the flap. This window is a destination for ticket orders, receipt, menu as well as other items for the professional completion of an order.

  • Metal racks

Metal rack features are a best friend for busy pizza places. They are large because the metal rack forces the bag to stay in place. This could be considered a a downfall, but nothing to major, especially if you're dealing with a large cooking operation.

  • Reinforced handles

Having the large, rugged handles is needed for the delivery process. They are sewn in into the best locations to hold the bag steady while carrying. Being rugged helps to make the bag hold better while carrying food from point A to point B.

  • Runners

Some food places that offer delivery will utilize bags with runners in them. This allows you to carry several containers of hot food all at once. This also allows filling and emptying the delivery bag to flow quick and seamlessly.

  • Wrist straps

These wrist straps are only used on some types of food carriers. Sewn in the same fashion as the handles, and are made from the same material. The straps allow the deliverer to hold them like they would a tray.


Continued growth and keeping customers returning is a big deal for entrepreneurs who want to succeed in the food industry. Always be sure to keep track of every step and every processes to keep your catering  business running. The delivery bags you use stand and show for the quality of your work. Think of them as the hand that protect your art before it's delivered to a museum (your customer). Take value in the lasting impression of a good pizza delivery bag. We know with this guide, you'll have everything you'll need to make the best purchase possible on your pizza delivery bags!